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It is our mission to rescue animals in need, love and nurture them, and help them
in their journey to find their forever homes.  

**Update** 4/11/2014-Only two pups have survived:( They seem to be holding their own for now. Zoey's foster mom (in Delaware) has paid almost $2000 out of her own pocket while trying to save these pups. We need to raise money to pay her back. Please consider donating, so she can continue to care for this family.

Zoey Zoey's pups

    Click here to lend your support to: Please help Zoey and her pups! and make a donation at pledgie.com ! **URGENT-Help Needed**

**Meet Zoey and her puppies. Zoey was brought into a shelter down south, as a stray, and VERY pregnant. On top of that, she is also heartworm positive. She gave birth to 11 puppies while in the shelter. The shelter was able to find a temporary foster home for her because 3 of the pups died at the shelter. Now that the pups are a few weeks old and much stronger, we can bring them to us here at HSH Rescue. Once Zoey is finished weening her pups, we can treat her for her heartworm and have her spayed. Treatment is very costly and we need your help to raise the money. Please consider donating to help Zoey get the vet care she needs to ensure a healthly, long, life :) The pups will also need all their vaccinations, several dewormings, and spay/neuter surgeries when old enough. The estimated total we need for this family is $5500. That is if all goes well and no one gets sick or has any complications. We appreciate any donation you can make. Thank you for your support.  

Our paypal account is hshrescue@ymail.com or just click on the donate button.  Click here to lend your support to: Please help Zoey and her pups! and make a donation at pledgie.com !

No amount is too small-every dollar helps!

Thank you for your support!


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Our screening and placement procedures speak to a high standard, as it is our goal to ensure a quality match between dog/cat and new family. We perform a  manditory home visit prior to adoption, require signed adoption contracts and adoption fees, and make it our policy to be a valuable resource for adopters for the life of the relationship. After all, adopting a dog is a lifelong commitment. We want to be there to help.


Adopting from us will be a very rewarding experience!
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Ever think about fostering an animal? Well, now is the time! We need you!!
Foster A Dog/Cat with Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue
HSH Rescue is always in need of new foster homes!  You can make a difference by fostering. The number of dogs/cats we can save is dependent on having a place for them to stay until we can find them a loving forever home.

Fostering is the first step in giving an animal a second chance. For many animals, the process of being kept in an unfamiliar shelter and then going to an unfamiliar home is very traumatic. While in a foster home, these animals have a chance to feel safe, secure, and loved which will help prepare them for their new forever family.

What is involved in being a foster family?
  • Providing temporary shelter and care for the animal. This typically ranges from a few weeks to a few months, but can be longer.
  • Providing food and water. Right now we can only provide the first bag of food. As we become more established, we are hoping to provide all food as needed.
  • Work on basic commands and housetraining if needed. Work on any issues that arise like shyness, leash training, jumping etc…. This will help the animal become a well rounded, happy, pet.
  • Preparing a short write up of your foster animal with a few photos. This will be posted on our website to help give the potential adopters an honest description of the dog/cat.
  • Bringing your foster dog to adoption events is not manditory but very appreciated. If you cannot make it, we will have someone pick up the animal for the event and return him/her to you after. .

We supply a crate(if needed), leash, collar, flea medication(seasonal), all necessary vet care, 1st bag of food and litter(cat), and any other supplies that may be deemed necessary for your specific foster animal. 

HSH Rescue is very supportive of our foster families! We try to find the right dog that will thrive in your home and provide a team of people who will help make fostering an easy and rewarding experience for you and your family.


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